Whitney Brothers® assembly videos

Assembly videos

How to assemble our award-winning products.


WB0109 Nature Reading Haven.  Sometimes simplicity is genius.

WB0210 Play House CubeSo much simpler than a Rubik's cube.

WB0240R Alone Zone.  You're not alone when assembling the 'Zone.

WB0285R Rolling Art Cart Get your art cart rolling.

WB0250P Flowered Reading Haven. Create a cute and inviting quiet space in minutes.

WB0355 Mobile Tablet DeskWatch the video on your tablet, then install it in the desk!

WB0452 Nature View Reading Retreat.  Assembling this Retreat is a simple feat.

WB0483 Adjustable Computer DeskReady ... assemble ... compute!

WB0502R Two Level Book Carousel.  How to get your carousel spinning.

WB0511 Nature View Play Greenhouse. Building a house has never been simpler.

WB0551 Nature View Tree Book Shelf.  Assemble a tree that prompts literacy.

WB0634 EZ Access Mobile Changing CabinetIt's mobile and easy to assemble.

WB0984 Mail and Message Sign-In CenterAn assembly so easy, you can mail it in.

WB1678 STEM Activity Desk and Storage Bins. You might actually enjoy assembling it.

WB8115 Toddler Slide With Stairs and TunnelPointers for a painless put-together.

WB9202 Tall and Wide Storage Cabinet. You'll be proud that you did it. 

WB9265 Imagination Station. So simple that no imagination is needed.

WB9503 and WB9504 Adjustable CribsNo need to ad-lib when building our crib.

WB9972R Eight Cubby Backpack Storage Cabinet.  Simple, stress-free instruction.  

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