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WB0136R Book Display Stand

A compact and economical book display solution! Five overlapping shelves provide ample display for children's books. The Book Display Stand can be placed on the floor or on a counter to enable easy browsing and access by children. Constructed in beautiful, durable birch plywood in safe, non-toxic natural UV finish that won't yellow and withstands rigorous use by children. Ships Ready to Assemble by UPS or Fed Ex Ground. Made in USA. GreenGuard™ Gold certified. Lifetime Warranty.

Book Display

WB0136R Book Display Stand
WB0136R - $239.00
WB0502R Two Level Carousel Book Display
WB0502R - $295.00
WB0503R - $395.00
Wb0540 Hanging Bag Storage Unit
WB0540 - $256.00
WB0600 - $235.00
Front view: WB4131 NewWave Portable Library
WB4131 - $455.00
WB4436 NewWave Melamine Book Display
WB4436 - $298.00
WB6255 - $259.00
WB8059 - $195.00
WB2113 Wall Mount Book Shelf
WB2113 - $195.00
WB3131 Mushroom House Book Display
WB3131 - $389.00
WB1409 Space Saver Bookcase
WB1409 - $195.00
WB7800 Contemporary Reading Chair Bookcase
WB7800 - $549.00
WB7802 Contemporary Reading Chair
WB7802 - $329.00
WB0296 Eight Section Mobile Book Storage Cabinet
WB0296 - $379.00
WB0250P - $365.00
WB0605 - $169.00
WB0935 Three Shelf Stroage Cabinet
WB0935 - $195.00
WB1566 Single Sided Library Shelving
WB1566 - $289.00
Front view: WB1788  Infant - Toddler Big Book Display
WB1788 - $185.00
WB1843 54-in Tall Adjustable Shelf Cabinet
WB1843 - $389.00
WB1849 48-in High Mobile Adjustable Shelf Cabinet
WB1849 - $369.00
WB1850 42-in High Mobile Adjustable Shelf Cabinet
WB1850 - $349.00
WB1851 30-in High Mobile Adjustable Shelf Cabinet
WB1851 - $309.00
WB1852 24-in High Mobile Adjustable Shelf Cabinet
WB1852 - $289.00
WB1853 36-in High Mobile Adjustable Shelf Cabinet
WB1853 - $329.00
WB0139 Two-Sided Mobile Book Display Stand
WB0139 - $299.00
Front view: WB1858 Infant - Toddler Book Display
WB1858 - $149.00
Front view: WB4132 Deluxe Mobile Book Library
WB4132 - $455.00